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Having trouble hiring the right help? This is a common problem that plagues many businesses these days. Traditional interview techniques can become stagnant. They don't get to the root of a candidate's personality and potential.

If you seem to keep hiring the wrong people for your business and realizing too late that they aren't the right fit, try some of these effective interview techniques:

1. Give Potential Hires a Tour

Taking potential hires on a tour of your workspace and introducing them to other employees can be a good way to see how they interact with others. Notice if they are interested in the people they might be working with in the future and if they ask questions.

2. Take Prospective Employees Out to Dinner

Putting an interviewee in a social situation is a good way to learn more about them as a person. You get a glimpse of what they are like outside of a formal setting and learn more about their attitudes and beliefs. Ask them about their passions and find out if they would make a good fit with your company culture.

3. Ask Questions To Assess Skills and Behaviour

Questions like, "Can you describe a work situation that you should have handled differently?" will help you get to the root of a potential hire's way of thinking. Candidates who are self-aware, creative with solutions, and willing to learn are a much better fit than those who are not.

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  Posted: Tue Mar 7th 2017 4:06am  3 years ago

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