Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide Health Spending Accounts receipts?

Yes we provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your workplace and Health Benefits plan.

Q: What types of treatments have you done?

Cleared eczema, treated patients who are going to chemo, sleep problems, back pain, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, food addictions, arthritis, allergies, anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, post-shooting trauma reduction (with Calgary Police Services)

Q: When do I come see you?

People who actually have a diagnosis of illness, their best time to see me is before and during chemo and any other western medicine treatment. Because the chemo and other proceedures will treat their body. But if they’re not clearing their mind and soul of what brought the illness in the first place, then remission is harder to achieve. Their natural state of wellness can be returned through working with Healing Heart™ methodologies.

Q: How long will it take me to heal?

It’s completely up to you. I recommend 3 sessions to get you well on your way and 6 will catapult you! It depends on how much work we did the first time and how big that was and then we can set a second appointment, we usually wait a week in between. If we just scratch the surface I like to see you the following week to get things moving. We won't know until we have that first initial assessment - which is complimentary by the way.

Q: Where do I find the Answers to the Healing Heart Destiny Cards that everyone's talking about?

If you've been given a card you can find your answers at Healing Heart Destiny Cards

Q: Is Healing Heart Wellness like BodyTalk?

Body Talkpractitioners remove the energy blockage in the body, but if you don't remove the belief that initially brought that blockage, your health issue will eventually come back.

In the long run, without replacing that old unserving belief, you'll get either the same health issue or another issue in the same place.