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Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Shaman in Heels™ Life Guidance is a unique way to find the emotional connection that's blocking you from living a fulfilled life, allowing you to transform it or shift it. It's about re-discovering yourself and all your greatness.


Practical Intuition Workshops

Be the best of who you are. These workshops range from full day workshops to online workshops to eBooks. It's all about discovering who you are and why you respond to situations the way you do. With your newfound awareness, you’ll be able to surround yourself with situations that you thrive in.

 Health Coaching

Intuitive Health Coaching

Health concerns that you can't seem to get rid of? Challenges with your body that western medicine can't seem to figure out? Shaman in Heels™ can help you find the emotional connection to your health issues and shift them, allowing you to live in balance and harmony with your body.


Private Sessions With Deborah

With Shaman in Heels™ you come to a place where you understand the reasons why you have physical ailment, stress and overwhelm. It’s your body telling you that you need to take notice of something in your life.

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I started getting migraines at the age of 16 and they haven’t let up yet, they have changed over the years in intensity and duration but have always been around. I have been searching for 32 years for the cause/reason. I do believe I have found the reason [through Deb's guidance]……it is truly amazing to me the power of belief!! -Laurel Mustoe

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