Happiness Blueprint Designed for you

Deborah, the Happiness Designer helps you create a happiness blueprint, specifically designed for you.

The Happiness Blueprint will help you navigate your daily life, help you plan for the future but also help you find happiness in your everyday life.

We live in a society that wants it all and wants it now, but when you get it there seems to be no room for enjoyment because you are already moving towards the next goal.

Why? Because we have this idea that we will be happy when…we are slimmer, more fit, after we lose the baby weight, when we have more money, when we get the promotion, when our company reaches a million in sales, the list goes on and on. (You get the idea)

The challenge is, we are sacrificing our life along the way. You might say well yes, this is how you reach your goals, but let me suggest this to you. What if you could get everything you have ever imagined while you were living and enjoying life.

You were full of gratitude for family, friends for your partner and you were creating happiness along the way. Would you be interested? Hell yeah! What do you think your life would look like then?

Life is about the journey, the discovery of life, the fun, the laughter, pure joy, excitement, adventure, making memories and maybe a thrill or ten.

Ask yourself are you having fun? Do you wake up each morning excited about what magic the day will bring?

If you answered "Yes", that's awesome, if you would like more of what you are experiencing, having your own Happiness Blueprint will only amplify what you have already started.

If you answered "No", then I am super excited to tell you the Happiness Blueprint will give you a whole new perspective of Life, teach you to navigate the ins and outs of life based on things that work for you. Your life will have a complete makeover, all you have to do is say "Yes", I want to be excited and thrilled about my life, every day, all day, 24/7.

Happiness Coach

Happiness Designer

Happiness Blueprint

I felt so good about the session with you in August that I am happy to share that with others. So, I wrote up a short testimonial, which is attached. I didn’t go into a lot of detail, but I think I got the message across that this is a beneficial thing to do…or at least it was for me! -Janet FitzGerald