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These series of workshop both live and online will teach you how to find meaning, feel successful, and attract the things in your life you really want through harnessing your intuition.


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Deborah has been featured in various magazines and publications where she shares her advice.


Be Happy Radio Show - Interviews with Experts

Be Happy Radio Show with Deborah Nichol inspires listeners with education, strategies and options that will help them transform their self-limiting beliefs so their lives are full of life, of love, of purpose and intention.


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Deborah's recommended reading for nourishing the mind and soul. Resources for adults as well as children.

I started getting migraines at the age of 16 and they haven’t let up yet, they have changed over the years in intensity and duration but have always been around. I have been searching for 32 years for the cause/reason. I do believe I have found the reason [through Deb's guidance]……it is truly amazing to me the power of belief!! -Laurel Mustoe

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